Simultaneous Electricity and Thermal Energy

If you need electricity and thermal energy simultaneously, a cogeneration also known as combined heat and power system, may be your solution and can offer a favorable return on investment.


By utilizing the exhaust energy from gas turbines, useful steam can be generated in a heat exchanger which can then be used in any number of applications, all with no additional fuel consumption. As a result, the overall efficiency of CHP systems can exceed 80 percent, making CHP one of the most energy-efficient methods of power generation.


Cogeneration allows you to benefit from two or three forms of energy for the price of one, with minimal environmental impact. These systems can turn clean-burning natural gas into cost-effective, reliable electricity, use steam for production processes, and implement heat for water and building space, or seasonal/process cooling.


Enerset Power Solutions is positioned to deliver our customers with the right products to provide the required ratio of power to heat for their CHP systems.

  • Save money – Achieve up to 85% percent total efficiency, burn less fuel for the energy you need, and reduce thermal and electrical costs creating a payback in as little as 2 years.
  • Save energy – Realize energy savings of up to 40% using the energy from your engine or turbine’s waste heat.
  • Increase predictability – Predict against grid power price volatility and supply uncertainty for more accurate financial planning.
  • Increase reliability – Achieve 98% reliability or more with the proven technology of GE’s gas turbines and engines.
  • Tax reform benefits – Benefit from US government tax reforms and associated incentives (green certificates and “efficient cogeneration“) promoting self-power generation.
  • Reduce emissions – With combined heat and power, you can make sure you’re meeting government regulations by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%.

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