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An electrical equipment center — also known as a power house, power and control room or power equipment center — is a walk-in metal enclosure classified NEMA 3R, designed specifically to protect critical electrical systems and power distribution equipment during operation. Electrical equipment centers typically safeguard low, medium voltage electrical equipment and/or automation equipment. This can include LV and/or MV switchgear, motor control, drives, generators, DC systems, DCS, PLC, UPS, SCADA systems and many other electrical components.


The detailed structural design of an electrical equipment center is robust to withstand environmental stresses including transport, rain, wind, snow, temperature extremes, seismic events and external blasts. Heating, air conditioning and pressurization equipment requirements are calculated according to industry standards to ensure the required interior environment.


One-Vendor Solution

Eliminate the hassle of working with multiple vendors. Enerset Power Solutions integrates and facilitates the testing of all customer-supplied and third-party power distribution equipment for you in our facility in Houston, Texas. We then ship your new electrical equipment center, ready to go, to its final location. Reliable, flexible and cost-efficient, our prefabricated metal electrical equipment centers provide you with options for materials, space requirements and future expansions.

Faster Installation

When you choose a prefabricated electrical equipment center from Enerset Power Solutions, you save precious time in the coordination of on-site labor and construction materials associated with the electrical room. All critical activities are conducted in a controlled manufacturing environment, overseen by a dedicated project manager. Once completed, your electrical equipment center is delivered to your project site on time and in accordance with your specifications and industry standards.

Controlled Costs

In addition to offering controlled on-time delivery, our electrical equipment center solutions provide significant cost savings

Equipment such as switchgear and motor control centers are installed close to the processes they control, reducing load cable lengths. Special raceways and marshaling cabinets can be installed to reduce massive control or power wiring.

We reduce labor costs by performing start-up and troubleshooting activities under one roof.

The total cost of ownership is significantly reduced by having your critical equipment protected through its entire lifecycle, within one controlled environment.

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